Steve Dimeo

The Bill Collector

The Chatahoochee Review

Short Stories

The Bill Collector Steven Dimeo After a week-long vacation alone at the beach trying to sort things out, Norman Majors came home to his apartment to find t...

"Catching My Death"

Tall Tales Anthology IV (2006), pp. 21-29

Short Stories

Catching My Death A Short Story by Steve Dimeo 3,200 words 800 N.E. Third Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124-2321 (503) 640-1375 Catchin...

"Down to Earth"

CrossTime Science Fiction Anthology Vol. VII (2008), pp. 35-43

Short Stories

Steve Dimeo Down to Earth Steve Dimeo A month after Lettie's February funeral, I woke up groggy from another bad night and padded into the living room of our...