Steve Dimeo

"Down to Earth"

CrossTime Science Fiction Anthology Vol. VII (2008), pp. 35-43

Short Stories

Steve Dimeo Down to Earth Steve Dimeo A month after Lettie's February funeral, I woke up groggy from another bad night and padded into the living room of our...

"Catching My Death"

Tall Tales Anthology IV (2006), pp. 21-29

Short Stories

Catching My Death A Short Story by Steve Dimeo 3,200 words 800 N.E. Third Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124-2321 (503) 640-1375 Catchin...

The Bill Collector

The Chatahoochee Review

Short Stories

The Bill Collector Steven Dimeo After a week-long vacation alone at the beach trying to sort things out, Norman Majors came home to his apartment to find t...