Steve Dimeo

Welcome! I'm Steve Dimeo and, inspired at first by the likes of Poe, have been writing fiction and poetry since the late Fifties. My work might best be characterized as romantic yet realistic fantasy and horror, often with a science-fiction or supernatural bent. My first published novel, The Magic Cape Caper, will be available November 13, 2017, and is the first in the Nick Christmas mystery series featuring the titular detective and his charming sidekick Miranda (Randi). The second novel in the series, Search for the Golden Diamond of Kolimar, will be published in late 2018. I started writing novels in 1970 and have since penned over 30 book-length works, over half within the last four years.

My fiction has appeared in magazines over the last forty years as varied as Playboy's Oui Magazine and Woman's World to the Michigan Quarterly Review, Descant and Amazing Stories. I was awarded the 1984 Frank O'Connor fiction award in 1983 as well as Tall Tales' 2nd Prize ($250) in 2006. I've also won 3rd Place in the 1984 National Writer's Club competition, 1st Place in Oregon's 1996 Bright Wings Poetry Contest (published in The Oregonian) as well as publication in the 2003 Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology and placed two short stories in CrossTime's Science Fiction Anthology in 2008 and 2010.

"Closing Time"

Crosstime Science Fiction Anthology 2010, Vol. 9, pp. 1-10

Short Stories

Closing Time ...

"Down to Earth"

CrossTime Science Fiction Anthology Vol. VII (2008), pp. 35-43

Short Stories

Steve Dimeo Down to Earth Steve Dimeo A month after Lettie's February funeral, I woke up groggy from another bad night and padded into the living room of our...

"Catching My Death"

Tall Tales Anthology IV (2006), pp. 21-29

Short Stories

Catching My Death A Short Story by Steve Dimeo 3,200 words 800 N.E. Third Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124-2321 (503) 640-1375 Catchin...

"My Special Angel"

True Romance

"My Special Angel"

True Romance

Non Fiction

Passages My Special. g el By Steve Dimeo W orried because of my weight loss and severe depression after my first wife of ten years left me early in 19...

Forest Nude

Peeks & Valleys


Forest Nude W e bought her two years ago because she went with the three-tiered waterfall we added to the north side of our back yard in front of the stand o...

I Am Salmon

Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology 2003


I Am Salmon I was salmon, you, a too-well-done petite filet mignon, I, a dry martini up, you, a sweet Manhattan–and not so many years ago, it seems, though t...

A Distant London Wind

The Muse Letter


A Distant London Wind Late that night in London When we neared the end Of embered loves, We wandered hand in hand Past a skeletal vendor Roasting fresh ches...

The Sea Lion

Blue Unicorn


The Sea Lion (For Richard Brautigan) A friend says you stopped for an hour To consider its black hulk-- A dead sea lion washed up on Bolinas Bay As if no...

The Bill Collector

The Chatahoochee Review

Short Stories

The Bill Collector Steven Dimeo After a week-long vacation alone at the beach trying to sort things out, Norman Majors came home to his apartment to find t...

"Fantasy Figures"


20 DESCANT (Texas Christian University), Vol. 27 (Fa1l-Winter 1982-83) Steven Dimeo WINNER OF the $100 1983 FRANK O'CONNOR AWARD Fantasy...