Steve Dimeo

Forest Nude

Peeks & Valleys


Forest Nude W e bought her two years ago because she went with the three-tiered waterfall we added to the north side of our back yard in front of the stand o...

I Am Salmon

Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology 2003


I Am Salmon I was salmon, you, a too-well-done petite filet mignon, I, a dry martini up, you, a sweet Manhattan–and not so many years ago, it seems, though t...

A Distant London Wind Late that night in London When we neared the end Of embered loves, We wandered hand in hand Past a skeletal vendor Roasting fresh ches...

The Sea Lion

Blue Unicorn


The Sea Lion (For Richard Brautigan) A friend says you stopped for an hour To consider its black hulk-- A dead sea lion washed up on Bolinas Bay As if no...